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BareBacking!!!!! Hmmmm what do you think?

1 Responses to “BareBacking!!!!! Hmmmm what do you think?”

  1. # Blogger Cocoa Rican

    Coming from the old school train of thought, I understand the desire or treasured memory of bareback sex, but I would REALLY hope that Nathan was playing devil's advocate...there is NO reason to bareback - even after testing and the knowledge that both partners are negative. As mentioned, partners can have weak moments that can change a HIV status and thereby change the rules of the game. Yes, we all have weak moments - even really STUPID moments, but there is never a reason to advocate or jokingly reassure people that the idea of bareback sex is even remotely an option.

    For the record - Jared/Nathan... I really enjoy watching the show, love the joking back-and-forth, but have always appreciated the information-based method that you guys deliver information. Please don't turn your fledgling show into a medium that will be touted as the African American (man of color) ignorance about safer sex. As much as you may not believe it, you represent us all in the eyes of "others" and this post didn't make me laugh, chuckle or even smile. I was disappointed and even embarassed... for all of us.  

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