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Above the Life

Damn I just wish I had a man! I miss being touched. When is the last time someone rubbed these damn feet. I cant help but to think, and worry that . I'll be Singing Classic Beyonce Hits Me Myself and I, well into my 40's. I need time to catch my footing, and think out this box, of when will my prince come? Cause it aint looking good.
I sit in my sorrow, and feel sorry for myself, for the pain manchild put me thou. At what point do i look "Above the Life".

Half a man cant build another man! So begin to build yourself!

(Not based on a true story) This aint me!

7 Responses to “Above the Life”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Lol. You have plenty of people interested. Your intellignet, well spoken, funny, and sexy.  

  2. # Blogger ShawnQt

    It's crazy that not even being the most intelligent, most well spoken, most funny, and most sexy can' even get you a man...

    I guess the higher up you are, the higher the man you got to have.  

  3. # Anonymous The Other Side

    You keep saying half a man can't build another man...maybe you need to re-examine that...

    I do agree with you if your statement means...don't go looking for another man to complete you if you're not complete with yourself first! --that I will agree to

    However, WE (as) MEN...will always be in the building process of self discovery...We will never be whole...there is always a new lesson or a lesson from GOD that can change our perspective and way of being...

    And so, if (you) try tweaking that statement maybe you will attract someone ready for you in the "NOW"...

    there is nothing wrong with you...Maybe you (or) all of us as MEN need to get rid of our "Bullshit"...

    Once that's gone...then maybe our prince will come AND better yet...not our prince but a servant from GOD...


  4. # Anonymous U know me Well

    I have learned that sometimes u can be willing to give.... but the other side may not be willin to accept. being able to open up and let yourself fly so to speak takes alot of courage and is never easy. I trust that when the time comes and u are ready u will glide with ease .. but first u have to be willing to let him in. With that said ....know that it takes two halfs to make a whole. One whole does not need another side to it.


  5. # Blogger Dayne Avery

    I dont know about all that other stuff but I sure could use a good foot rub. I sure do miss those...lol  

  6. # Anonymous trishlet

    building yourself is the only way to go.
    then everything will come to you again ...  

  7. # Anonymous jəst•bē•ðat

    I received and email last week about joining above the life. I can appreciate the fact that it is not a hookup site or sex site.

    For anyone who knows me, my hiv status is not a secret, but I think requiring your hiv status on a site that purportedly has nothing to do with sex is very misleading and prompts people who know their positive hiv status to lie.

    By requiring people to not only divulge their hiv staus but require them to display it if they want their other stats to be visible is not only unfair but discriminative.

    Additionally, not everyone subscribes to denotatively european terms -- that do not affirm the Black homosexual experience -- such as gay or bi-sexual.

    I think the idea is great, but it discriminates and is exclusive to the extent that you lose quality people through the inconsistency in your and your requirements.

    I don't know how hungry you are, but it is food for thought.  

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