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Cleaning out the closet!

I've never been one to hold on, Not a keeper if HIStory. I think this is why I trained my mind to not hold information for but to long. I have come to notice much in life is Lip service, and that’s as far as it goes. We are mostly children with words and dreams. No backing that reality of action, of step 1. I can remember my greatest fear being the judgment of others thoughts on my views, my ideas. I stepped in to clarity today. Freely whole hearted.

Young Men and Women. Step head 1st into your destinies. Don’t apolizie for your past. You are not your past. Just you’re Present and Futures. I have been living in hurt for so long. Thinking I was letting it go, manifesting it into the universe. Two Very important men in my life had hurt me recently. A Friend and a Lover. But this energy was only delivered to me because I allowed it out into the universe.

To my Cali Friend, that with held truth from me. That used me for my body, and my warmth. I thank you for being someone in my life once upon a time. But as an Adult I had no business laying with someone I knew was in Flux. I run the show, called “Mylife” So no need to hold you solely accountable. I forgive you and Love you. Be blessed in your walk!

To whom it Concerns. I Loved, and never understood you. Thank you for making me feel like I was worth things I clearly would have never seen with out your help. I take my part in the pain for pushing you to be what I wanted, and you where no where close to being with out that time. Be Bless in your walk!

I leave the Pain of misunderstood moments here. Never to pick up, only in the case of lesions. We move on!

2 Responses to “Cleaning out the closet!”

  1. # Blogger life

    I know the moments leading up to this post felt great. Understanding or at least coming to a positive resolution is always great. Keep up with the progress  

  2. # Blogger C ain't Crazy he just Creative

    so honest.......  

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