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Tis the Season, our season anyway. Nathan and I have been working on a project on the "DL" for a moment. And Yes Ladies and Gents, it is HERE. The&show. It’s an intro to the inner workings of two foolish, mischievous, smart, amusing men. Talking about things we all think, but are MUCH to shy to say. It airs Every Monday, so get your bagel and your coffee, and have a laugh or two.
We can’t wait to share our baby with you! This show is an ORIGINAL
Onlychyld Production!

2 Responses to “Tune in THIS MONDAY FEBRUARY 5th for THE PILOT!!!”

  1. # Blogger ShawnQt

    CONGRADULATIONS! I'm happy for you!  

  2. # Anonymous kennyking78

    Good idea you guys... I will definitely continue to check for the show...  

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