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Young, Black and ..... Oh Geez

An Interview I did. CHECK IT THE HELL OUT!


4 Responses to “Young, Black and ..... Oh Geez”

  1. # Blogger Cocoa Rican

    Great interview/article. Also caught your very real and raw break-up video (Know Your Truth)... I was touched, impressed and moved. Keep your head up pa. As always your insight is far ahead of your years.  

  2. # Blogger His Sstory

    In reference to "Know Your Truth", I thought it was Sincere, heart-felt and a honest confession of love and relationships. Thank you for sharing it with us. Please visit my blog to see the entry it inspired.

    Note: I left a note on your Youtube, but nothing posted.


  3. # Anonymous JW Richard

    Brother, I'm inspired with your words and your heart. Keep rising above. As a fellow new media journalist (even loosely), I applaud your work.  

  4. # Anonymous Queer Kid of Color

    Oh cheesy! Is that me with the doo rag?


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