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6 Responses to “Write it, read it, say it, do it!”

  1. # Blogger Cocoa Rican

    Pa, at 37 I feel like I've seen plenty and experienced a great deal...that said, I've listened to two of your posts in the last couple of weeks, but this one touched home because I'm presently going through it with family and was debating the very issue you mentioned - saying what you feel.
    All said, you are wise beyond your years...thanks for the insight. Sometimes it takes a fresher, younger and less jaded voice of reason to make all the sense. Happy holidays!  

  2. # Blogger Playboy Adonis

    Snotty Spencer, you have a contribution that is out of this world. I only know that as you mature, you will grow out of and begin to feel more comfortable opening up and telling people how you feel about their situation.

    I can relate in the sense that being gay sometimes makes me feel that someone might not appreciate or even tolerate my views and experiences. We should not let this stop us from sharing our thoughts with the world.

    Family is a matrix of its own. So simple yet so mysterious. We often feel that family already knows all our business so why even bother. But then again, let us stop cutting ourselves off and if family is unappreciative, then I say let them remain shallow.

    Seems like your cousin is in need of someone who can offer her that unbiased opinion. And you have a beautiful heart for stepping outside your comfort zone and offering her your honest thoughts about a once in a lifetime chance.

    You are grooming yourself to be something even greater than what you have already been Spencer. And your smile is even bigger, brighter, and more beautiful because of this.

    Happy New Year.  

  3. # Blogger fuzzy

    That sounds like a great way to start off the new year. I'm gonna take it and say that to someone so that your words do not end on this Blog!

    Have a Great New Year Mr. Grant!  

  4. # Anonymous Jake A. McKenzie

    Nice. Bring humility back in the '07!


  5. # Blogger Cocoa Rican

    With all the respect... my friends and I were pleasantly surprised that you are as attractive in person as you are on your blog... your black turtle neck and jacket were dapper, yet trendy....sorry you didn't enjoy the karoke (sp) tonight... LOL  

  6. # Blogger Randall

    It was great seeing you at Melbas last night! Was that BLUES you were out with LOL? I enjoyed your post, as well. -ran  

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