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Your Brothers

4 Responses to “Your Brothers”

  1. # Anonymous twinston1911

    what an awsome video blog about "the brothers" it really made me look at myself and the responsibility that i could have taken in past relationships, thanks for sharing that, i will past his along to some of my friends :)  

  2. # Blogger dancehard

    thank you brotha for putting this message out there! I agree wholeheartedly with your statement about us as gay men being so guarded and untrusting that we lose the benefit of developing a brotherhood. When I first became connected to the black gay community (a little over a year ago) the lack of brotherhood made me very sad. So many of us are so busy talkin' shit, throwing shade, and tearing each other down that we don't realize how our actions are destroying the core of who we are as black gay men.

    Why is it such a foreign thing for black gay men to speak of others in love and respect? Why is it so hard to love on our fellow men? Why does it feel "weird" to give a kiss and a hug to a strong gay black man just for being who they are? Why is it sooo easy to just bury somebody with insults and criticism, yet so difficult to shower them with compliments and affirmations? I ask myself these questions all the time, and it breaks my heart every time they surface.

    Continue speaking out on these issues man. You definitely caught my attention, and I hope you caught the attention of others.  

  3. # Blogger ReddMann

    i know im a little late but just had a chance to listen to this one... i definitely realize a lot of my past relationships could have had different outcomes if I would have done somethings differently.  

  4. # Blogger charlie the yogi

    This one struck a cord with me! I haven’t been out on a date in months by choice.

    I am one of those nice guys who always finishes last. At this point I gave up on dating. All to often when I’ve been out on dates. These guys play the give him what he wants game to get what they want. I used to do the hole flowers, poetry, & serenades. A chivalrous renaissance man.

    Then one horrific dating scenario after anther starts to dull ones shines so to say. Rather than become a jaded hollow person I found other meaningful things to do with my life. Now a full fun date night for me is drinking ice cream watching DVR and hanging with my cat. This evening I will spice things up a bit by doing laundry. Abstinence has giving me almost super human strength, peace of mind and T-M-I me at any point the worst case of blue balls EVER! LOL

    Don’t get me wrong I have WONDERFUL MEANINGFUL platonic friendships. Some friendships I have had for a lifetime. We get together and celebrate life. As far as dating goes I much rather stop now while I can still recognize the person in the mirror as the person I have grown to LOVE, RESPECT, and APPRECAITE. I believe I am worthy of a meaningful and healthy relationship but I am not going on a hunt to find one.

    Ever notice when you misplace your keys and start to tear up your space looking for them the moment you stop and keep doing what you have to do your keys find you? Well I am doing what I gotta do if any see my keys kicking around please let me know I have a few doors that need opening. LOL  

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