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Ugly gay Men!

86 Responses to “Ugly gay Men!”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Shallowness and superficiality make people ugly. (Hint, hint.)  

  2. # Blogger KennonPurdy

    I agree with anonymous! I was in shock! Nathan is not attractive.....shaking my head what ignorance. I will be withholding my donation to the South Africa trip, these are not the type of people I want representing me abroad.  

  3. # Blogger C ain't Crazy he just Creative

    .....nathan is amazingly attrative....first off

    secondly......that shit is funny as hell!!!!

    keep it up fellaz! and let me know where yall party at, for realz!

    "if u feelin like a pimp nigga...." : ) to keep wit da jigga theme. yall r hilarious. really.  

  4. # Blogger KennonPurdy

    Amazingly attractive??? on what planet? N***a please! He is a lot of things, amazingly attractive sure aint one!  

  5. # Blogger Angelus D. Frawst

    Number one: KennonPurdy you should not fault people for stating and opinion because it is just that and opinion. That fact that you are so dense that you can't separate what is meant to entertain (this episode) and what is for the greater good (the trip to south africa) is just pety and childish.
    Number two: This was a fun episode...It was like the conversations i have with my coworkers.
    Number Three: Jared is attractive....anyone that says other wise s ugly....THAT IS MY OPINION!  

  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

    oh yeah jared is very HOT and a great smile too :)  

  7. # Blogger KennonPurdy

    Duh! Of course Jared is atractive, anyone can see that!. It's Nathan I don't think is all that good looking. Nathan sitting next to Jarad only makes it more clear how unattractive he his. and the only reason I'm even going there is; it was Nathan who bought up the subject of ugly gay men. I have every right to spend my money anyway I like. I thought these guys were above this and this changed my mind about where I want MY money going!  

  8. # Anonymous RJF

    Let's be honest, the only reason why u all are sayin "Jared" is hot or attractive is because he's "light skin." It's funny how we as A.A.'s don't like to talk about it, but we all know that in our community that "light skin" is seen as attractive. So, I would really like to see Jared and Nathan's show talk about our own racism within our community that still exists, especially in the black gay community, but i doubt if they will touch it because it's too taboo, just another topic the black community chooses not to deal with and just stay silent on.
    Peace/NOT WAR!!!


  9. # Blogger George

    I think your guys are amazingly witty, talented and entertaining!! I really enjoy this show!! I think you guys are very opionionated but truthful in your dialouge. We all see ugly gay men everyday, I know I do--and Im not claiming to be America's Next Top Model but even the most beautiful person has his or her "ugly" day. I have them all the time. Unfortunately, ugly or unattractive gays are here to stay, but there are many of them with beautiful spirits. My friend "E" who looks like King Kong's big sister is not the most attractive but is there when I need him. Oh and by the way, Im LITE skinned and I KNOW A COUPLE OF UGLY LITE SKINNED DISASTERS MYSELF!! All lite skinned brothas dont hold up to the myth of us all being attractive. (238)  

  10. # Anonymous Mikal

    Uh, damn! The world is real, I see. I agree with and disagree with so much, but that is neither here nor there. I think as a human race we tend to find so many classifications of beauty and yet, there only seems to be one. It's sad that physical beauty has become the only aspect of humanity that we ever see, and that alone seems to be how we handle every individual we meet--that again is how "America" works. However, I do think we should focus not necessairly on what is said on the show, but more on the fact that the show exists. There are so many outlets like this for homosexual males. Instead of disrespecting or "putting on blast" the persons of those who create and participate in those shows, we should encourage them as best we can, so that we as a culture within humanity can further advance ourselves. I mean, at the end of the day, it is the creation of the show and the advancements that both hosts make, physically attrative or not, that make more strides for us as homosexual--or GAY--males in a growing society that doesn't even want to accept us as whole. For that reason, we should be proud of all footsteps made by individuals in the community--whether we see those individuals as attrative or not--because what they do benefits us all against the dominate society who would rather see us eradicated, even the so called "cute" ones because in their view, we are all the same--gay black men struggling to exist where we are generally not wanted. Be good guys!  

  11. # Blogger charlie the yogi

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  

  12. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I would have to say I am ugly and I accept that.One time, a guy asked for a light and I just looked at him and ignored him as I had my earbuds on listening to my cell play music.The music wasn't loud; don't wanna go deaf.Then, the guy goes,"He ugly as hell.He won't give me a light and he ugly as hell."HAHAA, what in the world did that have to do with the price of tea in Timbuktoo?Who cares if I am ugly.Not to brag, but I have been with a many handsome guy during my lifetime and will continue. Where I come from, I guess facial looks have nothing to do with gettin a partner for sex. Maybe they are thinking,"I'll do it with him cus he is so ugly, I pity the fool!"HAHHAA, I don't question it;don't have to at all.It's fascinating and most of those guys who are handsome are also, so called straight with dumb girlfriends.If being handsome was some sort of criteria to having sex, I would still be a virgin.I don't see anyone ugly, really, maybe a homeless bum, but they can clean up.Love the comments though, intriguing at the least.Reminds me of that movie,"That's ok, that's ok, you're gonna wash our cars one day!"Oh, boy, too funny.What really matters?HMMM?  

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