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Give me a break!

9 Responses to “Give me a break!”

  1. # Anonymous Indulge

    First time coming to the site. I would like to say that your show is cool, I am impressed. You two keep on doing what you do, people are most definitely going to have something to say about whatever, Like my moms would say a hit dog will holler, so keep the show moving playboy  

  2. # Anonymous Nathan777

    Calm down and take a grown up pill...how can you stoop to that level of using expletives which do nothing more than inflame the issue at hand. Jared, you need to turn on the TV sometimes and check out Oprah or O'Reilly, do you know how much hate mail they get everyday and you don't see them throwing f-bombs out the window, they don't let it affect them and let it roll of they shoulder. Why can't you just do that? Is it that hard?.....THINK before you RESPOND!!!  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    When you state your opinions, you better be prepared for criticism. The two go hand in hand. Either develop a thicker skin or stop stating your opinion.  

  4. # Anonymous twinston1911

    Yeah I agree with Nathan, its all show biz man, u will have people say nice things, but u will probably have more people say nasty hatful things, don't take it personal, I commend Nathan for having a thick skin, u guys will need it. your doing a good job with the blogs and the talk show keep it up, just try not to get too offended by the negativity you will receive, u know how us kids can be :)  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    First I would like to say that I wish you much success and I hope the show becomes a big hit.... We live in a world where everyone has something to say... it will be those people who can live through all the negativity that will endure, so keep it up can't wait to here your next blog( it was deep and said alot) and show. Just remember to pray that the actions of others do not become my actions against them. ATL  

  6. # Blogger life

    Keep building...your too busy to stop and acknowledge some ppl who are too busy watching.  

  7. # Anonymous D

    I like your show and I think both of you are intelligent, funny, and very endearing. The thing is you cannot please everybody, so might as well just be yourself and devote your time and energy exploring different topics!!!Love u guys!!Greetings from far east!!!:)  

  8. # Anonymous Da Doo-Dirty Show

    Well, It's about time we got another installment of JJ... Just Jared... This is one reason why I watch you... and that is Honesty. You are a very well-adjusted, smart, clever, proud African-American Gay Brotha... and that's your gem... I will always respect that about you. Keep up all the good work and claim what is yours... u definitely deserve it... you and Nathan... I will always be a fan first, friend second, colleague third... love ya man  

  9. # Blogger charlie the yogi

    Can I just say I LOVE YOUR SHOW! This show is hilarious and edgy. You guys are very brave. I thank you and respect what you are trying to do.

    Thank you

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