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Moe and I- III

3 Responses to “Moe and I- III”

  1. # Blogger Angelus D. Frawst

    My non- negotiables (ignore my spelling)

    1. Lack of common sense
    2. Narrow mindedness
    3. Lacking just a little bit of personal vanity

    By the i bet i can make a better pie........lol  

  2. # Blogger The Blackout Blog

    1) bad spelling.

    Kidding, Angelus. Kidding.

    If I really have chemistry with a person, I can deal with a lot. But here they are (in no particular order):

    1) flakiness
    2) disrespect
    3) lack of the ability to see multiple points of view
    4) inability to understand sarcasm (i.e., ALL of my humor)

    I'm sure there are others that I'm forgetting right now ( would never just leave them out because they were petty or shallow. Never).  

  3. # Blogger RocaFella07

    OMG! I LOVED this video!...Its such a great topic.


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