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Malcolms' Response To Barack's Win

I'm a big Picture kind of man! So I wanted to document people reacts to the New man in Office.

I will have a few of these.

3 Responses to “Malcolms' Response To Barack's Win”

  1. # Blogger The Blackout Blog

    She's cute. Who is that?  

  2. # Anonymous rodney b

    I appreciate that there's new diversity breaking the barrier to the hightest office in the land, but in reality, do you really think that the country and the inner workings of Washington politics are going to change all that drastically???? The way a lotta folk are acting and responding around the country is like B is gonna have a job and cash ready for them as soon as he takes office.... It's a lot more compicated than all that people....  

  3. # Blogger harrismj85

    Hey I am Malcolm (the person in the video blog)...I don't think that the country will drastically change because of Obama's win. In fact, my excitement about Barack's win has nothing to do with any beliefs about how his win may effect the country...I agree, it remains to be seen what level of impact Barack will be able to have on our country's future.

    However, I am believe his win did break the final glass ceiling, the Presidency...which is, argueably, the highest position in the world And I know that will have far reaching affects on how we view power (and whose able to attain it)--especially on how men of color view who, and what, we can become in this world.

    The verdict is still out on Barack, but we can rest assured that the world's power structure as we know it has been changed.  

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